We the Curious!

Yesterday we joined Cherry and Willow classes for a KS2 trip to We the Curious in Bristol. It is National Science Week this week and there are lots of science elements to our topic so it all linked together nicely! Throughout the day we explored all of the different hands-on exhibits, stands and science experiments. We focused on the experiments to do with forces to reinforce our knowledge of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. Mrs Wren was very impressed with what we’d remembered from last term. Later in the morning we also took part in a senses show which explored the fact we actually have more than 5 senses. This was very interactive and involved reading Braille, becoming bees and re-training our senses. We learnt lots of interesting facts. Overall we had a brilliant day. Lots of us said that we enjoyed the the animate stations and bubble making stations the best!

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