Keeping Safe

Being that time of year again, when the mornings and evenings are becoming darker, we all needed a little recap on staying safe when travelling to and from school.  We grabbed our high-vis jackets and enthusiastically gathered in the playground ready for Mrs Brewis to lead the way. We walked sensibly to meet Miss Dexter at the crossing point and were reminded about the importance of waiting safely on the pavement back from the edge of the kerb. When it was safe to do so, Miss Dexter walked into the road to stop the cars and we all crossed together safely. We were also reminded about noise level whilst walking up the field path and making sure we waited by the railings the other end if we have become separated from our parents along the path. As Year 4s and Year 5s we are now some of the older pupils in the school and it is VITAL that we set the example to younger children in the school. We have promised Mrs Needham that we are going to do this!

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