Homework Friday 22nd January

north america

English homework: Due in at the end of next week (Mon 1st Feb at the latest)

The children have all been researching about a North American Country. I would like them to write 10 quiz style questions about their country. They can include multiple choice answers if they wish. They must keep a separate note of the answers too so that I don’t have to look up the answers to 210 questions!quiz-image_0

The questions can be typed up and printed (or emailed to school) or handwritten.  The class quiz will take place at the end of term, with prizes for the winning team.


Maths Homework:

The children have said they can still access the Time questions on Mathletics so I would like them to continue with these- Telling the time is still proving to be an issue!


Don’t forget too about learning those poems for the book awards- especially if you’re still on the first book!

Have a good weekend

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