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Marvellous mummification

On Thursday, we decided it was time to see how the embalming process really works.
Getting dead bodies at such late notice is obviously very tricky and as we aren’t in Ancient Egypt anymore, we decided to use tomatoes.

We examined our tomatoes and then made a small incision so we could scoop out all of the insides (this represented the liver, lungs, stomach and intestines).

We then put these in our ‘canonic jar’ to be preserved with the dead body in the tomb (actually thrown away).

Once all of the insides were out we did a pre mummification weight and covered our tomatoes (dead bodies) in a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda which makes a mixture called Natron. This helps preserve the mummy (tomato).

Normally  the mummification process takes 70 days. Luckily for us this will only take two weeks. Stay tuned to find out what happens


Exciting Egypt

Wow! What an amazing week we’ve had learning all about Egypt. We’ve looked at Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and we will be diving into mummification next week with our very own experiment. Stay tuned!

We had the pleasure of being brought a little piece of history this week. It is a very old perfecscope and some pictures of Berties great great grandparents. When you look through it the image appears 3D…incredible we know.

As well as this, we have also finished our Egyptian headdresses. Take a look 🇪🇬

Tomb relay 🇪🇬

We’ve been enjoying learning so much about ancient Egypt. On Thursday, we created our very own tomb relay. I hid some secret artefacts at the end of the ‘tomb’ and in teams we entered one at a time and sketched out what we saw. We couldn’t stay in the tomb for long because of the build up of poisonous gas over the years.
We used this activity to help us understand how Howard Carter must have felt during his amazing discovery.

Magical Maps 🗺

We have taken a lot of inspiration from our class novel this term. We decided to create our own fantasy map inspired by Kieran Larwood and the maps he creates at the beginning of each of his books. We experimented with using lots of adjectives and putting them together to make names such as whistlewind forest and gloopmud marsh. We then used our map and imagined we were inside one of the places and wrote some descriptive sentences using our knowledge of expanded noun phrases to create atmosphere.

Here are some of our amazing creations. 🗺

Natural resources

Today in topic, we were researching different natural resources and thinking about their uses. The children were given lots of pictures which were all taken inside or around a copper mine. They used their detective skills to work out what the pictures had in common and what they might have been.

Once we realised it was a copper mine, this sparked a conversation about what copper is and what we use it for. We came up with lots of uses and could even spot pipes in the classroom! I then showed them lots of copper items which I had and we discussed how it’s a very malleable metal and can made into a variety of things. We even got to see the inside of a copper pipe which had oxidised and were fascinated with the change of colour.

Finally, we read an article about an old copper mine in Wales which had tunnels so small they sent children down there! We weren’t so sure we liked the idea of that 🤔

A great enquiry lesson 🕵️‍♀️


Fantasy games and Fabulous Art

We’ve had a lovely Friday today in Elm class. We started the day by finishing our Hot task for writing. We then moved onto reading, where we discovered a dice game called ‘fox paw’ ( where you could gamble and earn money ) in our class novel.

The rules seemed simple: you have three dice made of bones and they are numbered 1-5 and number 6 was a fox paw. The aim of the game was not to roll a fox paw or you were out. If you were lucky and got all numbers you could add up your score and win the game with the highest number.

We improvised and used foam dice to play and obviously no gambling was involved in our game 😋

This afternoon, we had a lovely time designing a space background which made us feel positive about the future and our world. Stay tuned for next week where we add planets and rockets 🚀 🪐