Book Week 2016


Book Week Begins!

The day began with an assembly in the hall with Miss Duffy explaining what exciting activities were planned for the week.

The children in Lime N enjoyed sharing books with the children in Maple Class on Monday afternoon.

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“I really enjoyed listening to Adam read, he was really good.” Cameron


The rain was falling quite heavily so our walk to the woods was changed to a walk around the village.

The children LOVED jumping in the puddles!

They stopped at different points: The stream, the churchyard, the farm and by a field. they listened carefully to the sounds they could hear and the things they could smell and see, making notes on their clipboards. They would be using their notes to write a class poem about our local area.

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A big THANK YOU to Mrs Packham for joining us on our walk.


This morning we enjoyed writing ‘book related’ word problems for another child to solve.

P1040854 P1040855 P1040856

Solving them was very tricky!

P1040860 P1040861 P1040862 P1040863 P1040858 P1040859

We wrote our class poem in small groups thinking about what we saw on our village walk.

click on the link below to read it:

A Walk on a wet, spring day . Class poem


The Year 4s all came together and enjoyed writing poems based on an animal. they worked really well in their pairs and then the poem was typed up for display.

The Year 5s were busy in Lime C debating!

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World Book Day = DRESSING UP!

We loved dressing up as our favourite book character again this year

P1040896 P1040897 P1040898 P1040899 P1040944 P1040945

We wrote up our class poems from our walk on Tuesday- Mrs Needham was amazed at our beautiful handwriting.

P1040935 P1040936 P1040937 P1040940 P1040941


This morning we had a visit from a local poet, Bernie Howley, who worked with each class on a performance poem. The Year 4s joined forces with Year 3s to perform ‘My Tooth is loose’ and the Year 5s did ‘It Happens’.

P1050019 P1050002 P1050008 P1050014 P1050015


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  1. LOVED Book Week. Saw parts of Woodborough I didn’t know existed!

    Beautiful handwriting, well done.

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