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Marvellous mummification

On Thursday, we decided it was time to see how the embalming process really works.
Getting dead bodies at such late notice is obviously very tricky and as we aren’t in Ancient Egypt anymore, we decided to use tomatoes.

We examined our tomatoes and then made a small incision so we could scoop out all of the insides (this represented the liver, lungs, stomach and intestines).

We then put these in our ‘canonic jar’ to be preserved with the dead body in the tomb (actually thrown away).

Once all of the insides were out we did a pre mummification weight and covered our tomatoes (dead bodies) in a mixture of salt and bicarbonate of soda which makes a mixture called Natron. This helps preserve the mummy (tomato).

Normally  the mummification process takes 70 days. Luckily for us this will only take two weeks. Stay tuned to find out what happens