Monthly Archives: March 2020

Today’s talk for writing

This morning we had an English lesson and in English we have been doing talk for writing. We had already learnt two paragraphs of an adventure story and today we did the third, fourth and final paragraph. Talk for writing is where you learn a story but instead of writing it you draw little symbols and act out the story. Mrs Wren split the story into 15 different  sections and whoever we sat next we had to work with. We had to come up with pictures and actions and then act it out in front of the  class. Everyone did really well and those who remembered all of the puctuation were given house points!

by Finley and Emily

Tuesday 10th March

Yesterday, after break we had our Spanish lesson. We started by recapping last week’s lesson which was family relationships. After this, we learnt a song about family too.

In the afternoon, we had our English lesson. We started to learn an adventure story using talk for writing. It is about a man who gets a phone call to work in the Amazon rainforest.

After this, we did PE and started to learn some street jazz moves. The were: chops, Egyptian, heel flicks and zigzag formation. We got to speed it up which was really fun!

by George and Kacie


The end to a brilliant book week

On Friday we were very excited to share our hard work from the week. Two of us shared our writing from a charcter’s perspective and spoke very clearly in school meeting.

We then all took part in reciting our part of the whole school story, whilst our giant illustration was on display. Overall our favourite part of the week was designing our book day t-shirts which we loved wearing to school meeting on Friday!

Thank you to all of the parents who helped out in some way this week – we appreciate it.


World Book Day 2020

This year, instead of dressing up for World Book Day we got creative instead. Everyone in class was given a t-shirt to design. We had to illustrate our t-shirts with pictures from our favourite book. We had a go on paper first and then used fabric pens on the t-shirt. It was quite challenging but we all persevered and our proud of our final designs. We can’t wait to wear these to school meeting tomorrow.

After this, we worked hard on editing our writing from a character’s perspective. When we were happy with our work, we wrote this up on tracing paper! We then painted our illustrations to accompany the writing using watercolours. Tomorrow we will attach our writing over the top of our illustrations.

The greatest Wednesday ever!

Today we created a giant illustration! Some year 9 art students from Lavington School helped the entire school do a giant illustration to accompany the whole school story. It was so much fun and we can’t wait to show you in school meeting on Friday!

Some of us also got to help some very kind parent helper who have been redesigning our book corner using the theme of our book this week – Journey. We made lanterns and drew beautiful pictures.

As well as this, everyone in class was busy writing from a character’s perspective. We had to imagine we were the little girl in the story and describe different scenes. It was very tricky!

Finally this afternoon it was the big book swap. We brought in books from home and could swap them for different one to take home at the end of the day!

by Charlie and Riley

Book Week 2020

Book Week this year is based on illustrations.

This morning we were introduced to our wordless picture book for the week – Journey by Aaron Becker. We looked carefully at the illustrations to try and guess what the storyline was and made lots of inferences too. Next, we wrote the illustrator some tweets. Mrs Wren has contacted Aaron on twitter and we hope he replies.

This afternoon, the whole school story made it to Elm Class. One of us got to open the special object – a tattered, ancient money pouch. We worked together to incorporate this into the storyline. We look forward to sharing this with you on Friday in school meeting.

After this, we visited the mobile library when it stopped at the social club. We were all delighted to take home books to enjoy!