Monthly Archives: December 2018

Last Week!

We’re nearly at the end of term! Lots of finishing off finished! Carol Concert in the Church was lovely and very Christmassy.

We’ve finished our make do and mend hand puppets and the children are very proud of them!

We’ve also been invaded by a herd of paper reindeers.

This afternoon was the pantomime – Robin Hood. Lots of booing and dancing.

Tomorrow is the Church Service and hamper raffle and then it’s Christmas!

Christmas Fayre

We all made felt flowers to sell at the PTA Christmas Fabre on Friday.

We rolled felt to make flowers and the stuck them on a base. I used a green base. We put Pom-Poms on. It was fun.

Then we sold them at the Christmas Fabre. Our class raised £58.50 for the PTA. Well done us!

I enjoyed seeing Santa. I got a lovely present. I also got a glitter tattoo and had a go at the scratch art and made an angel.



To make a Christingle, you need an orange. Then you wrap some red tape around the middle. Next, put 4 sticks in the corners and put sweets on the ends. Make a hole in the top of the orange, wrap some tin foil around a candle and put it in the orange.

The Christingle service was on Friday. One person from each class held their lit Christingle on the stage. We sang carols and Rev’d Mark spoke to us about what each bit of the Christingle meant. We ate the sweets when we got back to class.

by Max.