Monthly Archives: November 2018

World War 2 Day

When we got to school, we had to go straight to the hall and make an evacuee label for ourselves. They said who we were and where we had come from. Then the air raid siren went off. We had to go straight to the classroom.

Then we started our evacuation diaries. We pretended to be David or Tucky who are characters from the class book we are reading.

Next we did code breaking. We learnt about shift codes. We put a circle with the alphabet on top of another bigger circle. Then you had to shift the circles round and read off the new letter.

In the afternoon, we had a victory party. Each class had made something different for us all to eat. We had made Anzac biscuits (recipe in The Woodborough School Cookbook) and they were very popular.

Thomas, Ned and Max

Poppies and Poems

On Monday and Tuesday we made poppies from plastic bottles. We cut the bottles into flower shapes. Then we painted them red and left them to dry. Next, we painted the middle black. The poppies will be displayed on the telephone box.

In English, we have been writing poems to go on the poppy displays. We thought about what it was like in the trenches by listening to an excerpt from Private Peaceful. Then we thought about what the soldiers might miss most about home. We tried to extend these ideas with adverbs and adjectives and put it together in a poem.

What a gorgeous and symbolic telephone box Woodborough now has. Please drop in to read KS 2 work on your way to and from School.