Monthly Archives: July 2018

KS2 Swimming Gala

On Thursday 19th July, we had a swimming gala at Marlborough Leisure Centre. We started off with single length races and then we moved onto relay races. Near the end we did a race for fastest girl and boy – these included: Callum and Zara, Freya and Riley, Will and Caitlin and Ava and Jake. After this, some children did really well with width races. We all had good fun – thank you for organising this Mrs Blacker and Mrs Wren.

By Freya

Speedy Sports Day!

Yesterday,it was fantastic sports day! There were five activities for KS2 – long jump,vortex,marathon,sprint and relay. Everyone was cheering (loudly)! In the beginning, Venus were coming 4th, Mercury were coming 3rd,Mars were coming 2nd and Jupiter were coming 1st when the KS2s were competing. Suddenly, when the Ks1s were competing it all changed. Weirdly, there was a draw! In 4th place it was Venus, in third place it was Mars and in joint 1st was Jupiter and Mercury! We all had a brilliant time and everyone did amazingly. BEST DAY OF THE YEAR! We can’t wait for sports day next year!

By Minnie and Harry M

Air Tattoo

On Friday, we went to the air tattoo in Fairford. We looked at lots of different planes and helicopters – our favourite was the red arrows. We also went to the techno zone and explored lots of different activities such as making pilots, virtual reality plane flying and parachute making! After that we went to the RAF experience area. Here we saw fire engines, police cars and even more planes. Some us sat in a typhoon and had our photos taken! On our way back to the coach we stopped for an ice cream! What a busy day!

By Tiffany and Jonty