Monthly Archives: April 2018

Great group work

Everybody in Elm Class had a great English lesson because it was exiting -talk for writing-. Our talk for writing theme is Viking myths. The teachers were split into groups and taught the children the talk for writing text, but some children were split up and had to do the talk for writing independently. After that we had to teach the rest of the class the symbols and actions. Some groups earned house points! We had a blast and everyone enjoyed this lesson.

By Fred and Katelyn.

Viking myths

This week we have been watching Viking myths about Gods and Goddesses. In ERIC sessions, we have been answering questions with our partners. We have met Loki,Thor,Odin,Freya and Iduna. In addition, today we started creating text maps for the Viking creation story. We tries hard to cooperate in groups and all contribute ideas and will continue with these tomorrow.

By Thomas

Learning to overarm throw

First our teacher showed us how to throw the ball. It was quite easy to throw the ball and then our teacher put us in teams of two and we hade to throw the ball at each other and the first one who throw it ten times sites down and wins. Next we played a game in teams of 5 where we had to hit the stumps. We will us this skill in cricket games later in the term.

By Isabel

Terrific Tri-Golf!

On Wednesday the 18th of April, Elm Class went to High Post Golf Club to take part in a Tri-Golf festival. We did lots of fun activities such as target practice and we used chippers and putters. The weather was absolutely brilliant but we did get a tiny bit hot. Lots of sun cream, hats and cool drinks were needed! We had three different teams, they were the: A team, B team and C team. Woodborough A finished in 2nd, just behind Ramsbury, and we got into the FINALS! This will take place at Marlborough College. We are looking forward to another fun day of golf.

By Minnie

Cool Computing

This afternoon in computing we made maze games on scratch2. We really enjoyed it but it was also really hard so not all of us finished. We all got given groups of two or three to work with. We all worked well in our groups and had lots of fun making our maze games. We put blocks for our sprite to go around our mazes. We all got to have to have go at playing our games to see if they worked how we programmed it. All of them worked probably to go around our mazes!

By Freddie and Dougal