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Easter Eucharist Service

This morning at church, our Year 5 children retold the Easter story whilst other classes added symbols to the Easter tree. After this, we all took part in the Eucharist where we received bread and were blessed by Canon Larkey. Well done to all of the children who spoke so clearly and confidently. I hope you all have a lovely Easter break. Mrs Wren


This afternoon, we had double Judo. We had lots of fun playing games. Also, Some of us did our tests as well because we were away last week. One of the games we played was called ‘ partner dodgeball’. In this game we had to get into partners and hold each other’s sleeves. Then Mark would roll a ball and we had to push it with one hand without it touching our legs.

It was great fun and we’ve got our final judo lesson o& term tomorrow too!

By Adam and Amelie

How do humans and animals keep warm in the Arctic?

This afternoon we have conducted a science experiment too see which materials keep water the warmest. We used bubble wrap, fleece and cloth. We had to predict which one we though would be the best insulator. Most of us predicted it would be fleece or bubble wrap which would keep the water the warmest. We had to use thermometers to record the temperatures and drew graphs with our results. Overall, most groups found the fleece or bubble wrap were the best insulators whereas the cloth was the worst insulator. We understand that in extreme cold, like the Arctic, humans wear specialist clothes which include fur linings and wear multiple layers similar to bubble wrap.

We the Curious!

Yesterday we joined Cherry and Willow classes for a KS2 trip to We the Curious in Bristol. It is National Science Week this week and there are lots of science elements to our topic so it all linked together nicely! Throughout the day we explored all of the different hands-on exhibits, stands and science experiments. We focused on the experiments to do with forces to reinforce our knowledge of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. Mrs Wren was very impressed with what we’d remembered from last term. Later in the morning we also took part in a senses show which explored the fact we actually have more than 5 senses. This was very interactive and involved reading Braille, becoming bees and re-training our senses. We learnt lots of interesting facts. Overall we had a brilliant day. Lots of us said that we enjoyed the the animate stations and bubble making stations the best!

Amazing tag rugby

Our new unit in PE is tag rugby. On Monday afternoon, we learnt about tagging, scoring tries and how to hold the ball. We played a game in 3 groups called gauntlet. Each person had to avoid being tagged and run the gauntlet to score a try at the other end. We had to face 4 or 5 opponents who tried to tag us. We look forward to the next session and some of the year 5s can’t wait for the tournament next Friday!

Mothers Friday

On Friday, we did a mother’s service. We had someone come in called Libby Turner who taught us that everything and everyone needs love. She showed us a plant that had died and she had a watering can it wasn’t full of water it was full of ; a clock because everyone needs time to give to people, she also had a heart pillow to show everyone has a heart , she also had a card that said sorry that represented forging other people for their wrongs.

By Jonty and Eliza

Woodborough Theatre presents….Twisted Tales

I hope many of you joined us this afternoon for what was an extremely ‘dramatic’ end to Book Week 2018 which came in the form of our very own Theatre! Elm Class all took part in a performance of The Wolf’s Tale – What Really Happened to Little Red Riding Hood. I was so impressed with how clearly the children spoke ‘in character’, the dynamic freeze frames and confident acting. Here are a few photos if you didn’t manage to catch the performance.

Again – thank you to all the parent helpers who came in to support Book Week. We really couldn’t do it without you!

Mrs Wren


This morning in ERIC we read more of our class book – The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club. We focused on making predictions using evidence from the text. Our first task revolves around Frosties…we used the illustration to predict what characteristics they might have.

This afternoon we carried on with the one hundred million minutes reading challenge. This is a competition through the UK where every child has to try and read as much as they can. We have bookmarks to write down our reading minutes and it continues until 29th March!

By Amelie and Ollie