Monthly Archives: January 2018

Coordination squash!

In the afternoon,we did amazing squash and we looked at the skill( coordination). Firstly, we play this fun game called same and opposite.In the same and opposite game if the person said the same you had to copy their action but if they said opposite you had to do the opposite of their action. Now we have learnt all of the skills, they were: agility, balance and today it was coordination. After that, we had to get into partners and one of the person had to count your hits and the other person had to hit the ball onto the net. We all love squash!

by Minnie and Josh R


Over the last couple of days we have started to write biographies about Robert Scott. We have written our introduction and first two paragraphs. The introduction explains who he was and why he was famous whereas the second paragraph details when he was born and about his childhood. It was fun but really made us think. We will continue these next week.

by Harry P and Fred



The timeline of Robert Falcon Scott

Today we all made timelines about Robert Scott and and how he made it to Antarctica. First, we looked at each other’s English homework books and we made a class timeline. Then, we made our own. We all started doing facts about when he was born and then we started to get into detail about his life. Tomorrow we will use these to plan our biographies.

by Devon

Science and gravity

This afternoon we discovered how to do a fantastic kohoot quiz to do with forces. We started to do some in groups and made notes on a piece of paper. To get the facts of the quiz we looked on BBC forces KS2 and used information from our last two science experiments. There are lots of facts. We found it very interesting. In a couple of weeks we will make our own quizzes. We are all excited…

by Freddie and Freya

Fantastic Thursday

This morning, we did a short burst of writing as an introduction for our new  English unit Рbiographies. After that, we swapped our English books with the person next to us. The other person would read/check the book and see what Grammar was in it. Here are couple:

After lunch, Elm Class practiced our judo in the hall with Mark. He taught us a new ‘newhaza’ move to turn someone over onto their ¬†back. We also did a drill to do with balance which was great fun!

By Dougal and Teddie


Marvellous Maths

This morning, we did word of the week. Our word was Germinate or Germination which means to grow and put out shoots.

Before the word of the week we did maths, in Y5 maths we did numbers times by 10, 100 and 1000. It was really good fun! We know when we multiply by 10, 100 or 1000 that the digits move to the left and we need to use place holders.

By Alexander, Amelia and Katelyn.

Super squash and awesome art!

This afternoon was fun filled with lots of interesting things. Firstly we played squash which was really exciting! We all did as many keepy uppys as we could in one minute. We all did very well! Next we had a go at hitting the balls at the squash wall.It was extremely fun.

After that, we did art when we focussed on Edward Wilson. We started finding information and writing it down in our art books. He was an artist who went to Antarctica and drew landscapes. He drew the most wonderful snowy scenes.

by Tiffany and Amelie

Judo fun and text map mania

This morning, we did our third and fourth paragraphs of our text map. This is symbols and letters to describe different words. After that, you create actions for the symbols. Finally we drew/wrote our own text maps.

In the afternoon, we did judo -with Mark our judo teacher. This was Elm Class’ first one of the term. We learnt a new move.

By Teddie and Millie


Snowy arts!

This morning,our word of the week was profound and we learnt what it means and we wrote on our whiteboards a sentence with inverted commas. This afternoon, we drew landscapes from Edward Wilson’s pictures of Antarctica. We are going to continue with these tomorrow.

by Emily, Matthew and Minnie