Monthly Archives: November 2017

Creating Christingles

Today, in the afternoon, we created our Christingles for the Christingle Service which takes place tomorrow morning. First we had to take our orange – which represents the world – and glue on a ribbon which represents Jesus’ blood and the sacrifice he made for us. Secondly, we had to get four cocktail sticks and put sweets and raisins on them. We then stuck them in the orange in a cross shape. After this, we added tin foil on the top which represents the star that led Mary to Bethlehem. Finally we added a candle to the orange which represents Jesus’ body. When we light the candle it means God is the light of the world.

By Charlie and Eliza

Choccy Pops!

Yesterday afternoon we made our chocolate and marshmallow lollipops for the Christmas Fair. Everyone made two each and it was very enjoyable!

Firstly, we put three marshmallows on a straw and then we covered them in white or dark chocolate. Finally we covered them in different sprinkles.

by Teddie and Amelia


Brilliant posters

This afternoon we were designing posters for the Christmas fair.

We were designing posters for marshmallows chocolate coated lollipops  on a programme called word.

None of us finished but we our going to fishing tomorrow and make them on Wednesday.

The ingredients were marshmallows, melted chocolate and different types of sprinkles such as hundreds and thousands of sprinkles and stars.

They all look very good!

by Dougal and Adam

Awesome athlete

In the afternoon, a famous paralympion called Katrina Hart came in to do a fitness circuit. Firstly we had to line up in a queue and then we did spotty dog,leg drives,press ups and finally we did star jumps. At the end we were extremely tired but we really enjoyed it!

Eventually , we had a interesting assembly about her life and she told us if you want to be good at something you have to try your best! She told us she won a couple of medals and she was very active! It was very fun!

Sponsorship forms with sponsor money are due back in school no later than Monday 27th November 2017.

by Adam and Minnie


Anti Bullying Week 2017

This morning we had a visit from Mrs Ballenden who is a councillor. She introduced this years anti bullying theme ‘All different, all equal’. She reminded us of the different types of bullying and we discussed what we can do if we see bullying take place. We were all given pieces of paper and asked to screw one up. This represented all of the scars left from bullying. We tried to flatten the paper back out but it didn’t work. We know to really think before we speak, tell an adult if any one is being mean and use our peg system.

Egyptian timeline

This afternoon we had a look at the Egyptian timeline.At first Mrs Wren  gave nine people a card with timeline dates on then, we had to put ourselves in the order of the numbers off the cards. We now know key dates in the Egyptian timeline.

by Amelia and Harry

We also now have a fantastic Temples, Tombs and Treasure display. Many thanks to Mrs Morris and Mrs Tilbury for helping us with our Egyptian art on Tuesday afternoon….this is a work in progress. A huge thank you to Mrs Tregoning for being the mastermind behind our new display. Can you spot the children’s names written in hieroglyphics?