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Problem solving

Today we did problem solving in Maths to learn how to explain answers and questions about place value and number. For these types of questions we know we have to show working out as either calculation, number lines or another representation.


The reasoning questions were were challenging and will be something that we work on throughout the year.

by Amelia and Alexander

The start of week 3…

It has been a very busy week so far in Elm Class. Harry says “In maths we have been learning to round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.” Our homework this week is all to do with rounding. In English we have started exploring descriptive phrases ready for our setting descriptions about the Amazon rainforest. Freddie says “Today we used figurative language such as similes and alliteration, my group also tried using personification which was challenging!”

Our word of the week is ‘devoured’. We used this in sentences and even heard it used in our class book today!

In our two PE sessions this week we have played some high 5 netball. We know the 5 different positions and what their roles are. Here we are in action…

Talk for writing and maths

This morning in Elm class we did ERIC and English. For English, we continued doing our talk for writing. It was lots of fun and we have learned some sophisticated vocabulary – lethargically and nonchalantly. Please ask us what they mean!

After talk for writing we did maths. We were learning the value of digits in numbers and partitioning numbers. We also dived deeper in maths and we’re thinking about how to represent numbers in different ways. Today was lots of fun!







Bible extravaganza!

This morning we had a special assembly all about RE.We acted out the Prodigal Son and all of us had speaking parts. It was very good fun and this afternoon we did English. The Year 5 children learnt about expanded noun phrases and the Year 4 children learnt how to use place and cause conjunctions.

By Emily and Freya

RE day!

Today was RE day and in the morning we acted out ‘The Prodigal Son’ we have learnt that the story teaches us about forgiveness. We’re going to show our drama in the RE sharing assembly tomorrow – please come along at 9.15am.

We also made story spinners about The Prodigal Son. We had to pick out the 4 key parts of the story and illustrate it beautifully.