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Harry Potter Experience – Part 3!

After the Forbidden Forest, it was time to visit Platform 9 3/4. A lot easier to get to than in the books and films! We walked along the Hogwarts Express and found a carriage with rather a lot of sweets in.

After lunch, it was off to visit the Knight Bus and a certain flying car. I think Mrs Brewis was a bit concerned we were too young to drive!

Then we went to see the variety of moving models that were used as props in the films. After that, we walked through Diagon Alley and saw a huge model of Hogwarts that had taken 40 days to build. It was great reading the screens that gave us lots of information about it.

Harry Potter Experience – Part 2!

After our lesson, it was time to explore the exhibits. Lots of them were actual sets which were used in filming. There was so much to see and do. Lots of the photos feature backs of heads because nobody was interested in posing for the camera!

The Potions Classroom with Professor Snape.

Are Will and Callum trying to enter the Tri-wizard Tournament?


Then it was off to the Forbidden Forest. This was a favourite part for lots of Elm Class. Oscar liked the way he could control night and day and Callum and Sam loved the spiders that lunged out at you and surrounded you.

Our Harry Potter Experience – Part 1!

What a fab (and exhausting) day! Speaking to the children today, they are still buzzing about their experiences yesterday. Jake loved the fact that we were actually in the place where they filmed the actual movies.

It all started in the Great Hall …

and then we moved on quickly to our lesson on screenplay writing. Here we got to see some of the real film props and got to handle some of them to create our own screenplay structure.

By the way, behind the Goblins head is Callum all ready for a day at work at Gringotts!

Where does my food go?

We’re racing through our topic to get it all covered in such a short term. We know all about the digestive system and have made a (!)collage to represent it. Lots of small intestines made from pipe-cleaners and tissue paper. Then we did a visualisation of the journey of food (banana and crackers) through the body. Very messy and gooey!

Golf Festival

Great fun was had by all as 10 children from Elm Class went to a Golf Festival at High Post golf club. Lots of tricky activities later and great improvements in our skill level and we found out we had come third out of ten teams from across the county. Certificates will be presented in school meeting this week. Photos below.