Monthly Archives: March 2017

What a busy week!

It all began with finding out that, as a school, we had raised over £2000 for the NSPCC from our danceathon. This is a fantastic amount and was more than any other school in Wiltshire. Well done to everyone!

On Wednesday, we had a go at drumming to see if anyone would like lessons. It was rather loud – especially when it was our chance to have a go!

Then it was preparations for Mothering Sunday, making our lovely flowers and messages and other things!

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Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Every party goer needs a party hat! First thing this morning, everybody had to make their own top hat! This took quite a while… Then this afternoon, it was time to make the sandwiches ready for the party. Some of us even wore our top hats to make the sandwiches. Then into the hall with the rest of the school for the party!

Ash Wednesday

Yesterday was Ash Wednesday and St David’s Day! Rev. Larkey came in to lead our Ash Wednesday service, telling everybody about the reasons for the festival. The children, staff and congregation were given the option of being ‘ashed.’ Lovely singing of our hymns followed, including ‘Guide us o great redeemer’ in honour of St. David’s Day.

Book week begins…

On Monday, we all entered Wonderland as we began our Alice themed week. The school has been transformed!

So far this week we’ve made persuasive posters advertising potions to drink; acted out parts of the book (Little Bill flying up the chimney!); ¬†made our own caucus game board games; made roses (red) to attach to the tree in the library, and listened to lots of Alice in Wonderland. Our Maths this week has been Alice in Numberland- lots of maths investigations which require perseverance and resilience. More photos of what we’ve been getting up to below.

Victorian Day

Classrooms were changed and teachers were being really strict! The day started with a fingernail and shoe inspection. Class 5 just about passed. During the morning, we did lots of rote learning and copying out on our ‘slates’ with chalk. We learnt some rhymes about trying our best and getting all the kings and queens in order from 1066 to Queen Victoria. After our Victorian lunch, we all did drills on the playground before being split into girls and boys. The boys did designing a vegetable patch, colouring in the flag correctly for Victoria’s diamond jubilee and making a cup and ball. The girls did art work!

Morrigan thought it was very unique and would love to do it again! Riley thought it was very disturbing and William, Callum, Jake and Woody all thought sitting on the dunce’s chair was the most exciting part! Pictures below…