Monthly Archives: October 2016

Global Week

Elm Class had a great Global week based upon the football story by Tom Palmer which highlighted the conditions in Ghana for Chocolate Farmers and the importance of Fair trade chocolate. We did lots of group work and discussions about good shopping. We have a great scrapbook (compiled by Mr Andrew) for you to look at on Parents’ Evenings.

Many thanks to Mrs Dunstan who came in with the chocolate fondue set – very popular!image image image image image image

Roman Bath Trip

What a great day! Despite heavy traffic getting through Bath, we still had plenty of time to explore the Roman Baths.

The audio guides were a great hit!

image image image image

There were even some Romans who had time-travelled to talk to us!


After lunch, we went into the education centre. We looked at some of the buildings artefacts that were found in the Roman Baths and had a go at writing on a Roman wax tablet. We also created mosaics.

image image image image image