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Art week 2016

Monday was the start of this years Art Week and the children enjoyed meeting Helena Harris -a local artist, who explained that any of our ideas can be turned into artwork. During the week each of us will be making a bird using a variety of techniques and we are looking forward to seeing them on display along the corridor very soon.

P1050893 P1050873 P1050875 P1050877 P1050879 P1050881 P1050883 P1050885 P1050886 P1050887 P1050888

This year each class is looking at a period of Art History and Artists that lived during this time. Lime N are looking at Pop Art and how this type of art differs to other periods in history.

Greek Day Part 1

Wow- the Greeks have arrived !

The day has begun finding out lots about the Greeks- all of KS2 joined together in the hall to find out about voting, laws and medicine.

P1050771 P1050774


The children learnt about the voting system and the girls were outraged that they didn’t get a vote!

P1050775 P1050776 P1050777 Deciding on the next Prime Minister…


P1050780 Dressing up as a Greek Soldier


P1050784 Marching as an army!



Getting rid of a headache was cured by cutting off your head!


The year 4s then returned to class to make laurel crowns.. I think you’ll agree they look very authentic!

P1050794 P1050795 P1050796

Master chef and Theatre Masks

The children have returned fully refreshed after their long weekend excited about their Greek day tomorrow.

They have been continuing with their comic strips about Heracles (now known as Hurcules) and working hard on written methods in maths.

Many thanks to Mrs Bluff and Mrs Packham for working with the children this afternoon to make Hummus and Tzatziki- apparently it is very tasty (having licked out the bowls!)P1050755

They have also been busy making Greek Theatre masks thinking carefully about facial expressions.

We are looking forward to having a proper taste of the food tomorrow and also meeting our visiting story teller.

P1050750 P1050748 P1050745 P1050746 P1050754



And now onto the Greeks ..

We’ve started our last term looking at the Ancient Greeks and have already enjoyed finding out a bit about them by watching some class clips. in Art on Monday we made some amazing Greek Vases and are looking forward to making some later this term in clay.

P1050660 P1050661 P1050656

We’re looking forward to our Greek Day on Friday 24th June- a letter has gone home today about this.