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Good Luck


mrs Gilbey

Good luck to Mrs Gilbey who is running the London Marathon on Sunday to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.. We’ve been having a chat in class about perseverance and stamina and what this means and Mrs Gilbey is a fantastic example. I’m sure the 26.2 miles will be over before you know it!  We will all be watching on the TV and trying to spot you crossing the finish line.



Bath Rugby Coaching

Years 4 and 5 enjoyed an afternoon with some Bath Rugby coaches this afternoon where they go to brush up on their tagging skills. We spent the first part of the afternoon outside playing various tagging games before coming into class to learn about being healthy and the goodness behind fruit. We watched some short clips about three different Rugby players and how they need different qualities to play.

P1050366 P1050365P1050347P1050346P1050342 P1050344 P1050371 P1050369  P1050349 P1050353 P1050368 P1050364 P1050363 P1050361


The children had a great afternoon and Mrs Needham was particularly impressed with the way they listened and worked so well together- WELL DONE !

Budding producers coming your way

As part of our work on persuasive writing we have been scripting, editing.. and soon filming, a promotional video for Woodborough School. We had to think about how we present ourselves and what exactly the audience would be interested in. Our film must not last longer than a minute and will be filmed in numerous places around the school. We can’t wait to get filming…

P1050335 P1050339 P1050338 P1050337 P1050336


500 words update…


Well done to everyone who entered the competition last term , where there were 123,400 entries. We have received some fantastic news this week that Riley’s entry has made it through to the second round of 4,500 which is currently being judged and whittled down to just 50 entries. We should hear early May how he has done. Well done Riley!


Wiltshire Air Ambulance visit

We were very lucky  to have a visit from Gemma who works for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Service. It was a fascinating talk and we found it very informative. It was set up back in 1990 long before any of us were born (except for Mrs Needham of course) when a police helicopter helped with an accident near Stonehenge. Fundraising is vital to keep this fantastic service going as it costs over 3.2 million a year to run. A few of the children had the opportunity to try on the pilot’s helmet and paramedic uniform.

Soon they will be able to fly at night thanks to night vision goggles- we all had a go at pretending we were wearing these and how our peripheral vision would be affected with a pair on! (See 5th photo below!)

P1050324 P1050326 P1050312 P1050314 P1050317 P1050319 P1050321 P1050323

‘I was amazed that they can get from Devizes to Woodborough in 90 seconds, that’s just a minute and a half. ‘    Ronan

‘I was astonished that it takes 12 minutes to get to Bristol’   Vasco

‘ I was surprised to find out that there is only one helicopter’  Jonathan



Over the Easter break some of the children were busy putting together a presentation for the class about a topic of their choice. We’ve had some fantastic talks this week from surviving in the wild to building a jet engine. The children have all talked confidently and clearly and very good when it got to the question and answer sessions at the end.

‘I enjoyed Ronan’s presentation because it was very different. Using props really helped and he’d obviously spent a lot of time thinking about what he was going to say. ‘     Alex

‘My presentation was about Skydiving. I enjoyed making the Powerpoint as it was fun. I enjoyed doing the actual skiing and skydiving too. I am happy with how it turned out. I enjoyed Jake’s presentation on Survival.‘      Caitlin

‘I really enjoyed Cameron’s presentation on Fly Fishing. It was really interesting to find out what you do in it.’     Arthur

‘I enjoyed doing my presentation and talking about Aristotle and Isaac Newton.’    Nathaniel

P1050252 P1050254 P1050255 P1050258 P1050271 P1050275 P1050291 P1050293 P1050310

(Apologies for the picture qualities- had to have the light off to see the Smartboard!)

Easter Eggs and instructional writing

We enjoyed finishing off our instructional writing with our Easter egg hunt at the end of last term. We worked in pairs and had to give instructions to another pair to find the egg. It was harder than we anticipated , knowing our left and rights was tricky!

P1050251 P1050243 P1050248 P1050249 P1050244 P1050245 P1050247


‘Eating the cream eggs was the best bit’                  John


‘knowing that you relied on the instructions being correct made it exciting. If they were wrong then the group wouldn’t get an egg. It made it exciting!’                William