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This week we have been busy learning about coordinates and how to plot these correctly. The Year4s became archaeologists for the lesson hunting out dinosaurs and the Year 5s learnt about translations and how to reflect shapes in a mirror line- I was very impressed with their first attempts! Well done ! P1040777 P1040767 P1040768 P1040769 P1040770 P1040772 P1040773 P1040775 P1040776

Gymnastics competition

Well done to all the children who attended the Gymnastics competition at Stonehenge Sports Centre. For some it was the first time they had represented the school and they were very excited about wearing the new kit! They had an action packed afternoon trying out different activities including ; the springboards and vaults , Crazy Cartwheels, ribbons and trampettes. P1040608 P1040615 P1040633 P1040651 P1040652 P1040658 P1040675 P1040683 P1040684 P1040691 P1040693 P1040695 P1040727 P1040741 P1040755

RE Life Exhibition

On Thursday 11th February the Year 5s enjoyed a visit to St John The Baptist Church in Pewsey to take part in the Life Exhibition . Whilst they were there they used interactive tablets, graphic panels, quizzes, films, songs and a discussion café to help learn about the story of Jesus and his relevance today. They listened really well and really thought about their answers to questions asked.

P1040599P1040536 P1040538 P1040545 P1040549 P1040552 P1040554 P1040556 P1040558 P1040563 P1040578 P1040584 P1040589 P1040593 P1040596 P1040597

500 Words update…

The children have been continuing with their stories are her are some opening sentences…

‘I stared at it carefully from my perch. Stranded, glistening in the river, it just sat there, still, not worrying at all. ‘             Morrigan

‘The footsteps were coming closer, he became petrified. He didn’t know what to do, hide or stay. ‘                                             William

‘Eventually my mistress came down. By then I was so hungry I began to scratch at my bowl and whine. My mistress picked up my super shiny bowl and headed for the garage.’                                                                                             Maisie

they really draw you in and make you want to read on!

Bike it +

On Friday the children enjoyed the visit from Hattie and Rachel from the Bike It + scheme. KS2 had a short assembly about the benefits of cycling before they arrived in our class for a puncture repair workshop! The children worked well in their groups to identify and repair their punctures and were excellent listeners ! Well done Lime N! P1040491 P1040492 P1040493 P1040495 P1040496 P1040497 P1040499 P1040478 P1040487 P1040489

Our stories in 500 words…

500_words_2016We’ve begun writing up our stories for the Radio 2 competition. We started earlier in the week by looking at past entries and the choice of vocabulary used. We were amazed at some of the WOW words used by 8 and 9 year olds and have made it our mission to make ours even better! It’s important that our opening lines draw in the reader and Mrs Needham is very proud of what we have written so far. Watch this space for some snippets from our stories!