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Class Assembly

‘ THANK YOU to all the parents who came to our class assembly, we hope you enjoyed our time travelling masterpiece. I really enjoyed showing you all my work, isn’t it amazing what we have done in under half a year? ‘        Alex

‘ We are looking forward to seeing all the other class assemblies this year ‘ Callum

‘We’ve loved our time here at Woodborough School this morning and our guided tour by Jonathan… We’re particularly excited about our first ever ‘Rugby’ lesson this afternoon! ‘     Arthur and Morrigan (Time travelling Anglo-Saxons)

‘I loved showing you our dance moves, I’m sure some of you would have loved to have joined in (Perhaps next time) ‘     Jonathan

‘I enjoyed sharing my ‘Magic Box’ poem with you.’     Paige


A big well done to all the children for their fantastic assembly this morning, they worked really hard on writing the script and deciding on what work they wanted to show.

If any parents took any photos that they could email into school for this Blog we would be very grateful.

Many thanks

Mrs N

Homework Friday 22nd January

north america

English homework: Due in at the end of next week (Mon 1st Feb at the latest)

The children have all been researching about a North American Country. I would like them to write 10 quiz style questions about their country. They can include multiple choice answers if they wish. They must keep a separate note of the answers too so that I don’t have to look up the answers to 210 questions!quiz-image_0

The questions can be typed up and printed (or emailed to school) or handwritten.  The class quiz will take place at the end of term, with prizes for the winning team.


Maths Homework:

The children have said they can still access the Time questions on Mathletics so I would like them to continue with these- Telling the time is still proving to be an issue!


Don’t forget too about learning those poems for the book awards- especially if you’re still on the first book!

Have a good weekend

The Water Cycle

In Art we have started our ‘Water Cycle Collage’ with Mrs Crichard. We are using a range of materials to add texture to the collage.P1040305

‘We planned out a large water cycle on paper and discussed how it worked.  Mrs Crichard then gave us each a part of it to produce.’ Jonathan

P1040302‘We are going to put tissue in different colours for the sea.’ Vasco

‘I really enjoyed the painting.’ Morrigan

‘I’ve learnt some new terminology, in particular what Condensation and Precipitation mean.’ Ronan


A few pictures from the end of last term..

All the children enjoyed the Christmas Experience, where different stations were set up around the school depicting the Christmas story. Thank you to all the ‘Open the Book’ volunteers and all the parents that helped during the week to make it possible.

P1100981 P1100983 P1100951 P1100954 P1100955 P1100956 P1100959 P1100972 P1100976

Lighting our Advent candleP1100992

Christmas Dinner with the whole school

  P1110073 P1110071

We said our farewells to Mrs Budden and Lime N drew portraits for her to cherish! Can you guess which artist they based their paintings on?

P1110075 P1110076 P1110079 P1110077 P1110074 P1110080 P1110078

Happy New Year !

The weeks are already passing quickly as we start Term 3 ! New Blog finally up and running so I will be uploading pictures from the end of last term so you don’t miss anything.


Reminder to parents that it is Lime N Cake break this coming Friday 22nd January and our class assembly the following Friday (29th January) at 9.15am !