Monthly Archives: September 2015

KS2 School Meeting


As well as preparing for the Harvest Festival Lime N still found the time to plan their own Anglo Saxon village. Lots of thought went into the location of houses, grazing land and where to put the chickens! These three enjoyed showing off their settlement plans and even took their work ‘on tour’ !


‘Extreme Reads’ were also given out- everyone was so busy over the summer  trying to complete the challenge.


And.. We also had the first Book Award certificates.. Not only the Bronze but the Siver one too- extremely well done !

Wonderful Setting Descriptions

The children have hard at work today with their second ‘Big Write’. Their task this time was to write a setting description and we’ve got some fantastic pieces. Here are a few snippets…

‘ A large tree with moss suffocating its trunk stands in front of me. The cold, calm water flows gracefully over the rocks, fallen leaves being carried along…’


‘ Happily relaxing, a small shrew scurries through the dense undergrowth, leaves crackling as it goes. A magnificently coloured humming bird swoops gracefully over the clear water in the stream, humming peacefully to itself.’


‘I can hear birdsong in the trees, yet I see nothing. Sounds that I have never heard before fill the air… The humid air is closing in on me as beads of sweat run down my face.’


Welcome back

Sharing our Extreme reads image image image

The children have returned refreshed, full of enthusiasm and ready to learn ! We’ve already been very busy practising our tables, plotting Anglo-Saxons  on timelines, testing out our badminton skills and have enjoyed sharing some of the extreme reads .

We’re all very excited about the term ahead!