Wiltshire Air Ambulance visit

We were very lucky  to have a visit from Gemma who works for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance Service. It was a fascinating talk and we found it very informative. It was set up back in 1990 long before any of us were born (except for Mrs Needham of course) when a police helicopter helped with an accident near Stonehenge. Fundraising is vital to keep this fantastic service going as it costs over 3.2 million a year to run. A few of the children had the opportunity to try on the pilot’s helmet and paramedic uniform.

Soon they will be able to fly at night thanks to night vision goggles- we all had a go at pretending we were wearing these and how our peripheral vision would be affected with a pair on! (See 5th photo below!)

P1050324 P1050326 P1050312 P1050314 P1050317 P1050319 P1050321 P1050323

‘I was amazed that they can get from Devizes to Woodborough in 90 seconds, that’s just a minute and a half. ‘    Ronan

‘I was astonished that it takes 12 minutes to get to Bristol’   Vasco

‘ I was surprised to find out that there is only one helicopter’  Jonathan


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