Welcome Back!

The new term is well underway. We’re getting to grips with the story of The Tempest – understanding the characters and the themes in the story. Caliban seems to be a bit of a favourite character with the class! Not so much interest in Miranda and Ferdinand – the lovers…

Our topic on the Alps (Let’s Ski) has begun with a first lesson on fact finding  using atlases and information books. Then, yesterday, we got out the iPads to use Google Earth and Maps. I had to throw out the lesson plan as everyone got caught up in the ‘awe and wonder’ of the satellite pictures and the ability to zoom in. Great fun was had with a very noisy classroom with everyone trying to tell everyone else about what they were doing! Congratulations to Sam who stood on top of The Matterhorn and looked around without getting out of breath and to Jake who managed to find the bedroom window of the apartment he stayed at. Then, of course, we all moved on to finding our own local area. Callum realised the aerial photo of our school was much older than the street scene; Riley managed to find the top of his head in a photo, and Morrigan found that her Mum was looking out of the window in her house!

Our mod-roc mountains are now dried and ready to paint. It was very exciting using mod-roc for the first time and I was very impressed that we managed to tidy the classroom really quickly afterwards! Great fun was also had sawing the wood to the desired height. Photos below!


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  1. All sounds so much fun – this is yet another of those times when I wish I was back at school – well at Woodborough School!

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