The adventure continues…

Elm Class have had a jam packed day, full of adventure and festivities. First thing this morning we had a visit from Mrs Tilbury who told us about Ecuador and The Galápagos Islands. We were told about a huge range of animals and wildlife – which were really breathtaking!

After this we took part in our very own Holi Festival in the hall! This festival is known as the festival of colour and happens during Spring. It is celebrated by Hindus and signifies the beginning of spring, and good over evil. We all had a go at throwing powder paint on an art canvas. The letters spelling out Elm will be peeled off to hopefully create a silhouette on our canvas. This will be displayed in class. Mr Phillips has taken some fantastic photos which can been seen on the school twitter account @w_woodborough

Following this festival, which we learnt is celebrated in the South American country Guyana, we headed back to class to continue finding out about other festivals. We have started to create pieces of artwork to depict these celebrations.

This afternoon we visited another 4 countries. The first stop was Argentina with Mrs Fremantle. She brought in her bag and explained what she’d packed to go travelling. Douglas was also taught how to dance the tango! Mrs Smith told us about her travels around Chile. We were amazed to find out about sleeping in an ice cave and how diverse the country is. Finally Inigo’s Mum talked about her adventure to Venezuela and Ecuador.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents for taking the time to share their experiences with us.


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  1. I’ve really enjoyed sharing your South American adventure – What an amazing part of the world!

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