Special sporty day

In the morning, the year 4s went orienteer8 g. There were lots of different intriguing, mystery tasks. They were called: crack the code, sums, mapsmake the word and coding. They were all really fun and very tiring! At the end some teams were awarded medals. Teddie and Thomas won the KS2 competition.

This afternoon, we did even more sport with Dax our squash coach. We started to play mini games and next week we finish our final lesson with a tournament.

What an exhausting day!

by Minnie and Tiffany


1 thought on “Special sporty day

  1. I am so glad to see that my grandchildren are being shown the basics of this wonderful game
    Called Squash whichmust inspire any racquet ball enthusiast even at the age of 8!
    A Granny

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