Special Guest 🧊 ☀️

Today, we heard from a man who works  closely with Urchfont parish council and in his spare time he helps raise awareness for climate change and global warming. He told us how we can reduce our carbon footprint and Year 4 came up with some brilliant questions for him, such as : “I know factories produce lots of Co2 but is there something that exists which could suck it back in?” “If we go paperless, isn’t using technology also affecting the environment because of the electricity it takes to charge the devices?” and “what can we do to help?”. Mr Cowen answered all of these questions brilliantly and gave us a lot to think about.

We were very shocked to hear that as sea levels rise, some places might eventually be lost underwater. Also, we were surprised about the size of the ice bergs which are breaking off….some nearly as big as Wiltshire! That gave us something to think about.

Some persuasive writing to the government to follow I think…… 🤔 💭

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