Over the Easter break some of the children were busy putting together a presentation for the class about a topic of their choice. We’ve had some fantastic talks this week from surviving in the wild to building a jet engine. The children have all talked confidently and clearly and very good when it got to the question and answer sessions at the end.

‘I enjoyed Ronan’s presentation because it was very different. Using props really helped and he’d obviously spent a lot of time thinking about what he was going to say. ‘     Alex

‘My presentation was about Skydiving. I enjoyed making the Powerpoint as it was fun. I enjoyed doing the actual skiing and skydiving too. I am happy with how it turned out. I enjoyed Jake’s presentation on Survival.‘      Caitlin

‘I really enjoyed Cameron’s presentation on Fly Fishing. It was really interesting to find out what you do in it.’     Arthur

‘I enjoyed doing my presentation and talking about Aristotle and Isaac Newton.’    Nathaniel

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(Apologies for the picture qualities- had to have the light off to see the Smartboard!)

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