Our Last Week in Elm Class

What a busy but brilliant last week.

Our trip to the rainforest was great. We learnt lots about the habitat and also showed off our previous learning. We took some fantastic photos, showing that some of us are definitely budding photographers. I’ve had to give out lots of house points this morning.

We had a tearful farewell to Mrs Chapman and Mrs Wright yesterday afternoon followed by our Year 6 church service this morning.

Plenty of fun in the classroom now and this afternoon before home time tonight.

Art Week

What a brilliant art week we all had! Our unique class creature, Elmo, was designed to feature lots of our ideas and was great fun to make. We all enjoyed getting creative with our designs for our pebbles which look fantastic. Hopefully, some of our Morph figures will have made it home without too many broken limbs!

Huge thank you to all the parents who helped with the various projects.

A New Term begins

We’ve just about all recovered from our residential. Lots of new experiences and happy memories. We’re going to retell some of the highlights and show pictures at this week’s School Meeting on Friday.


Our new topic is under way – as are our models of The Alps. Lots of fun to make with modroc and should look spectacular when painted and the vegetation is on!

Our judo sessions have begun and we spent last week revising our previous knowledge of the terms and rolls. Mark explained that we had lots to cover this term.

Book Week Begins


A busy start to our new term! In our new topic, The Romans. Watch out for Boudicca’s speech see-sawed home. We’re aiming to have the whole class recorded by the end of the week.

We’ve all finished our stories and they are great! Read some of the first pages below.

Book week has begun and today we shared books with Sycamore Class. They brought in their favourite books and we read shared them with them, reading them out loud and discussing the pictures.

We’ve read our book about Rosa Parks and are busy discussing the events and the issues raised. Watch out for our performance in Friday’s school meeting!

Elm Class Workshop and Badges

A lovely morning in the hall for our workshop. Thank you all for coming. The children were very excited and really enjoyed showing all their work and teaching their parents! The photos show how confident they were engaging different adults in conversations. We all had a success stamp afterwards.

Super shiny badges have been awarded to our Times Table Rockstar Rock Hero and Legends. Congratulations to our first Rock Hero who can answer questions in less than a second

And our Rock legends who can answer questions in less than 2 seconds


Maths Day

Lots going on in Elm Class this morning. Three different activities to do.  Putting our area finding skills into practice by finding the area of various parts of the school – netball court, Elm Class, Rowan Room and a picnic table to name a few. We needed to be accurate measuring with metre sticks and trundle wheels, able to round results, convert between metres and centimetres and multiply our results using a calculator if necessary.

We’ve also had a treasure hunt. The children needed to find different objects which were 5.5cm long; had a mass of 100g; were cube shaped etc. The hardest one was finding the biggest leaf and then finding its area.

We’ve also found lots of maths games to play and enjoy.

That was just the morning! As well as plenty of time to develop practical maths skills, we’ve also had to work together and co-operate in our groups. Lots of house points were given out for good perseverance and co-operative skills.

In the afternoon, our enquiry question was ‘ Is the largest rock the heaviest?’ We had to use string to measure the diameter because we found we couldn’t bend our ruler around it!

Rocks, Art and other things!

Lots of fun with our collage work depicting a journey. Some children chose a journey from countryside to town; others artic to sea. We spent time thinking about different paper coiling and folding techniques and how we could incorporate these into our pictures.

In computing,  we’ve been using scratch to program a quiz and debug our program.

Lots of enthusiasm with rocks! We’ve observed and experimented with them, checking if they are permeable or not; how crumbly they are and if they ‘fizz’ in vinegar. They’ve learnt about the different types of rock and how they are formed.

Last Week!

We’re nearly at the end of term! Lots of finishing off finished! Carol Concert in the Church was lovely and very Christmassy.

We’ve finished our make do and mend hand puppets and the children are very proud of them!

We’ve also been invaded by a herd of paper reindeers.

This afternoon was the pantomime – Robin Hood. Lots of booing and dancing.

Tomorrow is the Church Service and hamper raffle and then it’s Christmas!

Christmas Fayre

We all made felt flowers to sell at the PTA Christmas Fabre on Friday.

We rolled felt to make flowers and the stuck them on a base. I used a green base. We put Pom-Poms on. It was fun.

Then we sold them at the Christmas Fabre. Our class raised £58.50 for the PTA. Well done us!

I enjoyed seeing Santa. I got a lovely present. I also got a glitter tattoo and had a go at the scratch art and made an angel.