Christmas Fayre

We all made felt flowers to sell at the PTA Christmas Fabre on Friday.

We rolled felt to make flowers and the stuck them on a base. I used a green base. We put Pom-Poms on. It was fun.

Then we sold them at the Christmas Fabre. Our class raised £58.50 for the PTA. Well done us!

I enjoyed seeing Santa. I got a lovely present. I also got a glitter tattoo and had a go at the scratch art and made an angel.



To make a Christingle, you need an orange. Then you wrap some red tape around the middle. Next, put 4 sticks in the corners and put sweets on the ends. Make a hole in the top of the orange, wrap some tin foil around a candle and put it in the orange.

The Christingle service was on Friday. One person from each class held their lit Christingle on the stage. We sang carols and Rev’d Mark spoke to us about what each bit of the Christingle meant. We ate the sweets when we got back to class.

by Max.


Make Do and Mend

Our sewing topic is underway! We planned our puppets in our sketch book and then used our ration cards to get the material we needed.  We have now cut out our puppets and begun sewing their facial features.


World War 2 Day

When we got to school, we had to go straight to the hall and make an evacuee label for ourselves. They said who we were and where we had come from. Then the air raid siren went off. We had to go straight to the classroom.

Then we started our evacuation diaries. We pretended to be David or Tucky who are characters from the class book we are reading.

Next we did code breaking. We learnt about shift codes. We put a circle with the alphabet on top of another bigger circle. Then you had to shift the circles round and read off the new letter.

In the afternoon, we had a victory party. Each class had made something different for us all to eat. We had made Anzac biscuits (recipe in The Woodborough School Cookbook) and they were very popular.

Thomas, Ned and Max

Poppies and Poems

On Monday and Tuesday we made poppies from plastic bottles. We cut the bottles into flower shapes. Then we painted them red and left them to dry. Next, we painted the middle black. The poppies will be displayed on the telephone box.

In English, we have been writing poems to go on the poppy displays. We thought about what it was like in the trenches by listening to an excerpt from Private Peaceful. Then we thought about what the soldiers might miss most about home. We tried to extend these ideas with adverbs and adjectives and put it together in a poem.

What a gorgeous and symbolic telephone box Woodborough now has. Please drop in to read KS 2 work on your way to and from School.


In RE, we have been learning about The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army help people who live on the streets. They give them a home in a Salvation Army building. They give them food, water, shelter, clothes and a comfy bed.

We also listened to ‘We vow to thee my Country’ ready for Rememberance Day after the holiday.

Written by Aleksei

Mercury House Reward

Today Mercury won the Term 1 house point reward. First, KS2 did ultimate frisbee whilst KS 1 did I do boarding. Then we swapped after break. Most people said ultimate frisbee was best but both were truly amazing.

The rules of ultimate frisbee: if you drop the frisbee, it goes to the other team. If it goes out of play, it goes to the other team. You need to get the frisbee past the goal but someone needs to catch it.

We were split into six different groups. Then we played six matches. It was lots of fun and I think everyone would agree to that.

Indo- boarding

What  we needed to do is to put one foot on the board, then you hold onto your partner…

Written by Harry and Tabitha

Electrical Fun

In science, we have been learning about electrical circuits. We used wires, batteries and bulbs (or buzzers or motors) to make a circle (circuit). We learnt about conductors and insulators. A conductor allows electricity to flow through it and insulators don’t. Lots of us experimented with paper clips to make a long length. If we made the paper clip string tight, electricity could flow through. If we let the pape clips go loose, it broke the circuit and the bulb wouldn’t light. Mrs Brewis lent us a plastic coated paper clip and that didn’t work. It was an insulator!

We have been doing posters for the dangers of electricity. Lots of people have done their posters on electricity and water because water and electricity are very dangerous together. We tried to make them stand out as much as possible. They were very colourful. They look really good and people enjoyed doing it.

written by Ned, Thomas, Alfie


In English, we’ve been looking at poetry and playing with words. We split into groups and wrote a group verse. Our poems follow a pattern.

Inside the tower of air

I heard the pattering  footsteps in the alleyway

Like the stumble of boulders crunching 

In the tower of air

I heard the howl of a wolf 

Echoing in the moonlight

Harry & Thomas

Inside the tower of air

I heard the wailing of a glistening ghost

Like the wind blowing in the air

Molly and Mollie

Inside the tower of air

I saw a light flickering in the darkness

Like the moon glistening on the window pane

Ellen and Max

Inside the tower of air

I listened to the sound of wet, squelchy footsteps

Like a plump, vibrant frog burping its morning song

Jamie – Leigh, Hattie, Jamie, Edward, Tabitha

Inside the tower of air

I stumbled through a shadowy tunnel filled with cold blackness

Like a limping blackbird escaping from a terrifying fox.

Alfie, Luca, William, Anabelle, Aleksei

Today we went on to write our own poems  and read some of them out to the rest of the class. Tomorrow we are editing and writing out.

Written by Hattie



Global Week

In Global Week Maths, we measured how long jungle animals were. We went on the playground to do it with chalk. We measured in mm, cm, metres and inches. We also counted in 25’s and used our rounding skills. We measured a monkey, tiger, leopard, elephant , anteater  and a ring-tailed lemur.

By Hattie

In our English work, we’ve been thinking about deforestation before we write our hot task about it. We have been using videos and articles and learning to take notes.

written by Mollie

This week we’ve also been dancing in our houses. My house is Mars and our dance is to ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ from the Lion King. We are all different animals. I am dressed as a flamingo and we have to be elegant.

My house is Mercury and we are doing the best dance ever. KUNG FU PANDA! Everybody is a panda and Mercury are the masters of Kung Fu.

Jupiter are doing a dance with crocodiles and impalas. So far it is really fun! We have been practising lots of cool things.

In Venus house,  we are jellyfish and we are dancing to ‘Under the Sea’ from the Little Mermaid. Our costume is a pink band with little pink tentacles.

Written by Sophie, Aleksei , Thomas and Ellen.

(No pictures of the dancing – all will be revealed in our dance-off on Friday afternoon! Don’t miss it! )