Natural resources

Today in topic, we were researching different natural resources and thinking about their uses. The children were given lots of pictures which were all taken inside or around a copper mine. They used their detective skills to work out what the pictures had in common and what they might have been.

Once we realised it was a copper mine, this sparked a conversation about what copper is and what we use it for. We came up with lots of uses and could even spot pipes in the classroom! I then showed them lots of copper items which I had and we discussed how it’s a very malleable metal and can made into a variety of things. We even got to see the inside of a copper pipe which had oxidised and were fascinated with the change of colour.

Finally, we read an article about an old copper mine in Wales which had tunnels so small they sent children down there! We weren’t so sure we liked the idea of that 🤔

A great enquiry lesson 🕵️‍♀️


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