Maths Day

Lots going on in Elm Class this morning. Three different activities to do.  Putting our area finding skills into practice by finding the area of various parts of the school – netball court, Elm Class, Rowan Room and a picnic table to name a few. We needed to be accurate measuring with metre sticks and trundle wheels, able to round results, convert between metres and centimetres and multiply our results using a calculator if necessary.

We’ve also had a treasure hunt. The children needed to find different objects which were 5.5cm long; had a mass of 100g; were cube shaped etc. The hardest one was finding the biggest leaf and then finding its area.

We’ve also found lots of maths games to play and enjoy.

That was just the morning! As well as plenty of time to develop practical maths skills, we’ve also had to work together and co-operate in our groups. Lots of house points were given out for good perseverance and co-operative skills.

In the afternoon, our enquiry question was ‘ Is the largest rock the heaviest?’ We had to use string to measure the diameter because we found we couldn’t bend our ruler around it!

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