Global Week

In Global Week Maths, we measured how long jungle animals were. We went on the playground to do it with chalk. We measured in mm, cm, metres and inches. We also counted in 25’s and used our rounding skills. We measured a monkey, tiger, leopard, elephant , anteater  and a ring-tailed lemur.

By Hattie

In our English work, we’ve been thinking about deforestation before we write our hot task about it. We have been using videos and articles and learning to take notes.

written by Mollie

This week we’ve also been dancing in our houses. My house is Mars and our dance is to ‘I just can’t wait to be king’ from the Lion King. We are all different animals. I am dressed as a flamingo and we have to be elegant.

My house is Mercury and we are doing the best dance ever. KUNG FU PANDA! Everybody is a panda and Mercury are the masters of Kung Fu.

Jupiter are doing a dance with crocodiles and impalas. So far it is really fun! We have been practising lots of cool things.

In Venus house,  we are jellyfish and we are dancing to ‘Under the Sea’ from the Little Mermaid. Our costume is a pink band with little pink tentacles.

Written by Sophie, Aleksei , Thomas and Ellen.

(No pictures of the dancing – all will be revealed in our dance-off on Friday afternoon! Don’t miss it! )

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