First day of Art Week!

This morning we had an assembly about art week. This year’s theme is Art and Science. A lady from ‘Fun Science’ came and showed us some of her favourite experiments. When she added acid and alcholine to water it produced bubbles then exploded!she had bubbles on her hand and got a lighter then she set the bubbles on fire and the fire went out.We are all excited for art week.

Later on worked on our Wondersnaps that will be displayed on Friday. These are detailed photos that wehave looked closely at. We have explored things in nature.

This afternoon we were introduced to the book ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. We will take inspiration from this book during the week – looking at both the beautiful illustrations and spells.

We have started to sketch the item in our photograph but will continue with these later in the week.

by Matthew and Amelie

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