Fantasy games and Fabulous Art

We’ve had a lovely Friday today in Elm class. We started the day by finishing our Hot task for writing. We then moved onto reading, where we discovered a dice game called ‘fox paw’ ( where you could gamble and earn money ) in our class novel.

The rules seemed simple: you have three dice made of bones and they are numbered 1-5 and number 6 was a fox paw. The aim of the game was not to roll a fox paw or you were out. If you were lucky and got all numbers you could add up your score and win the game with the highest number.

We improvised and used foam dice to play and obviously no gambling was involved in our game 😋

This afternoon, we had a lovely time designing a space background which made us feel positive about the future and our world. Stay tuned for next week where we add planets and rockets 🚀 🪐

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