Epic Egyptions!

Today all of the key stage two children were dressed up as Egyptions! In the morning, we went into the hall to have a work shop with an Egyptologist who’s cousin was Indiana Jones! We played some awesome games about animals and celebrations.

After break, we split into 4 groups and mummified each other in loo roll/toilet paper, it was sooooooo fun. As well as mumififing people we wrote messages to wish them luck in the after life. As well as that, we coloured in DUNG beetles then stuck jewels on them. Then we buried our messages and the beetles n the bandages.

Finally in the afternoon we wrote hieroglyphics for our names and designed our own death masks! We have started making Egyptian collars and will be adding jewels to them over the next week. It was a really fun day and we would like to say thank you to Africana Smith!

By Eliza and Amelie

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