Electrical Fun

In science, we have been learning about electrical circuits. We used wires, batteries and bulbs (or buzzers or motors) to make a circle (circuit). We learnt about conductors and insulators. A conductor allows electricity to flow through it and insulators don’t. Lots of us experimented with paper clips to make a long length. If we made the paper clip string tight, electricity could flow through. If we let the pape clips go loose, it broke the circuit and the bulb wouldn’t light. Mrs Brewis lent us a plastic coated paper clip and that didn’t work. It was an insulator!

We have been doing posters for the dangers of electricity. Lots of people have done their posters on electricity and water because water and electricity are very dangerous together. We tried to make them stand out as much as possible. They were very colourful. They look really good and people enjoyed doing it.

written by Ned, Thomas, Alfie

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