Class Assembly

‘ THANK YOU to all the parents who came to our class assembly, we hope you enjoyed our time travelling masterpiece. I really enjoyed showing you all my work, isn’t it amazing what we have done in under half a year? ‘        Alex

‘ We are looking forward to seeing all the other class assemblies this year ‘ Callum

‘We’ve loved our time here at Woodborough School this morning and our guided tour by Jonathan… We’re particularly excited about our first ever ‘Rugby’ lesson this afternoon! ‘     Arthur and Morrigan (Time travelling Anglo-Saxons)

‘I loved showing you our dance moves, I’m sure some of you would have loved to have joined in (Perhaps next time) ‘     Jonathan

‘I enjoyed sharing my ‘Magic Box’ poem with you.’     Paige


A big well done to all the children for their fantastic assembly this morning, they worked really hard on writing the script and deciding on what work they wanted to show.

If any parents took any photos that they could email into school for this Blog we would be very grateful.

Many thanks

Mrs N

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