Busy Elm Class

Recent events in Elm Class written by some of the children whilst ‘resting ‘ after their swimming lesson or on the bus on the way back!


In P.E. we’ve been doing football. We did lots of passing, dribbling and penalties. It was so fun. We swapped goalies.


In computing we have been doing music. We used the Isle of Tunes to make different tunes. First, you make a road, then after that you can choose trees, flowers, houses and lampposts to put along the side of the road. You can change the sound of the thing you’ve placed. You can also add musical loops. We joined our loops up – it was fun!


In English, we’ve done our text map for the water cycle. It is an explanation text which has lots of facts in. We’re all learning our different bits. It is interesting – there are lots of long words like precipitation and evaporation.

We’ve also been looking at apostrophes and whether to put them before or after the s.


We do lots of things like lengths. Two groups are learning survival skills like jumping and keeping our heads above water so far. Next week we’ll be learning more survival skills.


We have been learning to beatbox with Mrs. Needham. Beatboxing is basically making noises with your mouth. B is the bass drum, st ssssst is open crash cymbal, K is snare drum.

Pop Art

In art, we are focusing on pop art. We drew onomatopoeia and we coloured them in. Then we painted them. They look amazing.

written by Max, William, Thomas, Ned, Ellen and Anabelle.

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