Art Week Display

On Friday afternoon we were showing our ART work to our parents. We had on display: our milk bottle birds, lost words poetry and watercolour birds. We had so much fun and when we saw other year groups work it was truly fantastic.

By Freya and Alexander



Art week continues

On Thursday, the year 4 children looked at the poems/ spells from The Lost Words book. We then explored what a cinquain is – a poem with 5 lines and a set number of syllables per line. The children have written some beautiful  cinquain spells about a flower or plant of their choice. Please do have a closer look this afternoon…in our Art Week display.

Elm Class Pop Shop

Well done Elm Class – what a fantastic pop up shop! You all did brilliantly and I’m very proud of your entrepreneurial skills! Please send in any final receipts and change so we can count our final profit! Thank you parents for your continued support 😊

Photos to follow…


Day 2 art week

Today some parents came in to school and helped us make birds out of plastic bottles. It was very fun after break we painted our birds . In the afternoon we went in the explorer dome and we learnt all about sound .The speed of sound was 760 miles per hour. We would like to say thank you to all the parents that helped us .

by Fred and Millie


First day of Art Week!

This morning we had an assembly about art week. This year’s theme is Art and Science. A lady from ‘Fun Science’ came and showed us some of her favourite experiments. When she added acid and alcholine to water it produced bubbles then exploded!she had bubbles on her hand and got a lighter then she set the bubbles on fire and the fire went out.We are all excited for art week.

Later on worked on our Wondersnaps that will be displayed on Friday. These are detailed photos that wehave looked closely at. We have explored things in nature.

This afternoon we were introduced to the book ‘The Lost Words’ by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. We will take inspiration from this book during the week – looking at both the beautiful illustrations and spells.

We have started to sketch the item in our photograph but will continue with these later in the week.

by Matthew and Amelie

Spanish cafe!

This afternoon we all entered a Spanish cafe and were taught how to order from a menu in Spanish. Firstly we had to learn the Spanish for food and drink items. After that, we learnt how to say useful phrases which we would use in a cafe. We all had a go at being a waiter/waitress and a customer. Following this, we even tried writing our conversations in Spanish. It was great fun!

Fantastic fiver challenge

You may be wondering what the fiver challenge is. The fiver challenge is a challenge where you make a product out of ingredients for £5.First we thought up four different ideas for the product and chose the best one. Next we designed four logos and chose the best one. After that we wrote a elevator pitch. We will be asked to speak about our product for 60 seconds to a group of adults from the local community on a Friday.

By Thomas and Adam

A fun filled week in Elm

This week has been jam packed! At the beginning of the weeks lots of us put on our running shoes and started taking part in the daily Golden Mile. All children are encouraged to do this. Bus children are able to take part when they arrive at school.

The Y4s continued the sport theme by taking part in a multi skills event at Avon Valley College. Activities consisted of: S&Q, bench ball, rounders, wheelchair basketball, archery and tri golf. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the wheelchair basketball and were able to appreciate what amazing athletes you have to be to be successful at the sport.

Finally, today, the house points were collected and the winning house was announced….Mars! Well done to all children who earned house points for Mars. They enjoyed an afternoon creating Lego creations with Brickies.

Good luck to all of you who are competing in the triathlon on Sunday. I hope to pop along during the 11am slot to support from the sidelines!

Mrs Wren

Astounding Woodborough hill!

At lunch, all of Woodborough School went up Woodborough hill for ascension day. We all loved having lunch and playing on it. There were amazing sights on a height that high! The walk was long and tough, but we all made it in the end. On the way back, lots of people all ran down the hill and loved it! Reverend Larkey said her speech and Mark read the end of Matthews gospel then we all had lunch. Everyone was so excited to have a play in the grass although there were quite a lot of hide and seeks plus tag. When we got back to school we all miss everything we did at Woodborough hill!

By Emily


Today in art we were making Viking broaches out of tin foil, card board, string and acrylic paint. Here is how we made them. First you get a piece of cardboard and draw your broach design. Next, you cover it with glue then you have to cut some string and put the it on your patterns. Then you get some tin foil and go over the string with the foil then you have to press down with your finger. Finally you can get some acrylic paint and paint over the patterns. We had so much fun and some of our broaches are on our display!