Word of the week.

Today we were introduced to our word of the week. Mrs Wren challenged us to use the word in a sentence and we had to include inverted commas for direct speech. Can you guess what our word of the week is?

Here are two of our sentences that we shared…


This afternoon we continued with our research about our chosen country in South America. We are trying to find out about climate, tourist attractions and human and physical features. Next week we will persuade Mrs Brewis to visit our chosen country instead of the others.

Expedition wow words

After lunch we looked at the word warrior (it was our word of the week)we had to make sentences with a subordinating conjunction and the word warrior. Some children shared their sentences with the class.

by Devin and Thomas

Fabulous Global Week finale 🌎

On Friday we finished our group projects. All of us completed our ebooks about our South American country and then we went onto artwork. As you can see, we all chose different pieces to make and create….and they all look fabulous!

Some of us then presented our work in our Global week themed school meeting.

Finally we need to say a huge thank you to Mrs Tilbury and Mrs Shanagher who helped put our rainforest together. However a extra special mention goes to Mrs Tregoning who was the mastermind behind the extraordinary Amazonian display – thank you. Please do drop into class to admire the brilliant artwork.

The adventure continues…

Elm Class have had a jam packed day, full of adventure and festivities. First thing this morning we had a visit from Mrs Tilbury who told us about Ecuador and The Galápagos Islands. We were told about a huge range of animals and wildlife – which were really breathtaking!

After this we took part in our very own Holi Festival in the hall! This festival is known as the festival of colour and happens during Spring. It is celebrated by Hindus and signifies the beginning of spring, and good over evil. We all had a go at throwing powder paint on an art canvas. The letters spelling out Elm will be peeled off to hopefully create a silhouette on our canvas. This will be displayed in class. Mr Phillips has taken some fantastic photos which can been seen on the school twitter account @w_woodborough

Following this festival, which we learnt is celebrated in the South American country Guyana, we headed back to class to continue finding out about other festivals. We have started to create pieces of artwork to depict these celebrations.

This afternoon we visited another 4 countries. The first stop was Argentina with Mrs Fremantle. She brought in her bag and explained what she’d packed to go travelling. Douglas was also taught how to dance the tango! Mrs Smith told us about her travels around Chile. We were amazed to find out about sleeping in an ice cave and how diverse the country is. Finally Inigo’s Mum talked about her adventure to Venezuela and Ecuador.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all of the parents for taking the time to share their experiences with us.


Science Day

Today the whole school carried out science experiments. In Elm Class we investigated how leaves create oxygen. This links nicely to our topic and allows us to appreciate how important rainforests are for human life.

We decided to pick two identical leaves and place them in identical amounts of water. One glass with the leaf was placed in a sunny spot and the other in a darkened room. We left them for an hour and then observed what had happened. We found that the leaf left in the sunshine released lots of bubbles of oxygen whereas the leaf in the dark released very few. Most of us predicted this would happen.

We have all written up our scientific investigations and thought about the variables we used and how we made the experiment a fair test.

South American adventures

Mr Alison and Mr Phillips came in and talked about Brazil and Chile adventures. Mr Allison told us lots about the animals he met, the climate and deadly piranhas!  We asked them lots of questions and found out some facts  about the Amazon and Chile mines from Mr Phillips.

We’d to say a huge thank you for spending the afternoon with us in Elm Class.

The first fantastic day of Global week

In the morning, we noticed a mysterious letter on Mrs Wren’s desk. We opened it up and Devon read it out to us. It was about Mrs Brewis and her family going on holiday to South America.


In the afternoon, we went on the iPads and we used an app called Book Creator. We made a booklet for Mrs Brewis to see. We worked in groups and we each researched a different country but they’re not finished yet.

Some of us also started creating the Amazon Rainforest with Mrs Morris which will be displayed in class.

by Minnie and Jonty

Problem solving

Today we did problem solving in Maths to learn how to explain answers and questions about place value and number. For these types of questions we know we have to show working out as either calculation, number lines or another representation.


The reasoning questions were were challenging and will be something that we work on throughout the year.

by Amelia and Alexander

Major monkeys!

This afternoon we painted our model-air monkeys which we made last week in partners.It was extremely fun! We had to think carefully about the colours to mix and add all of the details on the face. We have all seesawed photos of our creations home.

by Amelie and Harry P